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I started my career in Real Estate in February 96, In that time I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some very nice and wonderful people, some of these people you just have a connection with, as was the case in July 2000 when a lovely couple walked into my office looking for their first family home.
It was a big decision for Kyle and Margit to buy the house I sold them, not from the point of view that it felt like home for them because that was easy, it had the big backyard for a garden, dogs etc and the layout of the house was right, sunny kitchen and high ceilings. However the d├ęcor of the house, its smell, lighting and the possible building defects were all a challenge for this young couple. 
Over the next few years our friendship grew and I really enjoyed stoping by for a visit and an update on the progress of the place, especially when I’d get a call to come see something interesting that had been found, like kitchen bench tops used as floor boards or the little trinkets they’d find fr…