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Nobel Prize-Winning Concept

If you are like most sellers, the thought of selling your home can be daunting. Selling your home is not usually something you do more than once or twice in your life. So how do you know what to expect or more importantly how to sell for the highest price?

When it comes to getting the highest price for your property, there is a tool that will optimise your chances of success.

The Buyer Price Declaration is a concept developed by economist, Sir William Vickery – one of several ideas that earned him the Nobel Prize for Economics.

This negotiation tool is demonstrably better than a public auction for sellers. With the Buyer’s Price Declaration, no competing buyer is privy to another buyer’s offer. This means that each buyer must offer their highest price without being influenced by what somebody else may have offered.

At a public auction the auctioneer declares the property will be sold to the highest bidder.  As a seller you want to sell for the highest possible market price. You don’t …