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Open houses: The lazy real estate tactic

Written by Andrew Trim

Many in the real estate industry speak highly of open homes. This tactic has become so common that many sellers are under the impression that open homes are the only way to sell a property. What many people are unaware of is that open homes typically have more benefits for the agent, rather than the seller.

Security Issues
A major problem with open homes is that it tends to attract the nosy neighbours and those researching rather than legitimate buyers. Open homes allow anyone to freely walk into your home, from curious neighbours to thieves. There have been many cases of thieves attending open homes to scope out potential targets. Open homes attract a lot of strangers, which makes it hard for the agent to keep track of everyone. Many agents don’t take personal details from attendees, so if a prized possession was to go missing you wouldn’t know who the culprit was. Combine this with the fact many insurance companies won’t cover open homes, they are a recipe for di…