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12 Real Estate Myths Busted

You mention you’re buying or selling property to one person and the next minute, you have everyone knocking on your door with advice. If buying and selling your home a few times made you an expert, we’d be out of a job! There are so many tall tales and outdated assumptions being told that it’s hard to know what is fact and fiction, so we’ve set out to bust some of the more common real estate myths we hear every day:1. Never sell in the winterThis is one of the most common myths that has been circulating for as long as I can remember. The assumption is that the only people who put their homes on the market when the weather is coldest are poor, desperate souls who will accept any price to pay for some firewood! This is simply not true. There are not specific months or seasons to sell property as Australia’s property market is active year-round (even during footy season!).2. Young adults have no hope of home ownershipThis idea that it’s ‘impossible’ for young people to buy their first ho…