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With the New Year well and truly here, many of us start wondering what the property market will look like this year. 2015 provided a roller coaster ride for the property market, with 2016 looking like a promising year. VZ Real Estate’s Managing Director, Michael Verstandig has provided his predictions for the year ahead.

Interest Rates

“Record low interest rates will be maintained for 2016, there is nothing in the reserve bank outlook suggesting otherwise,” says VZ Real Estate Managing Director Michael Verstandig. “Chinese growth is also slowing, which could leave the Australian economy vulnerable. However, the transition to the non-mining economy looks on track with household spending, retail and construction all holding up and without the risk of high inflation.”

“This helps maintain affordability in South East Queensland – people can still borrow without a great fear of being smashed by the banks increasing rates. Low interest rates certainly help make property more attractive,” s…